8 Surprises about the Premier League

By Sharon Zarfati and translated by Daniele Olmeda

West Ham stadium move

1) Bye Bye West Ham

West Ham stadium said goodbye to the Premier League last season. Complains from the fans who did not want to leave the 36,000 seats gem didn't help. The management organized the dismantling and sold some of the pieces. Starting in August the team is going to play in the Olympic Stadium built in 2012, with 60,000 seats and 53,000 of them are already book for season ticket holders.

Leicester costs the same as Benteke

2) Leicester seems cheap

Everyone knows about Leicester's fairytale from last year, but few know the real economic fragility of Ranieri’s team at the beginning of the season. Benteke's Manchester City pricetage of €65 million would have covered the cost of all the Foxes’ players. Even crazier is that one of the best players of the Premier, Mahrez, was paid €500,000… So much money wasted.

Value of the Premier League

3) Value of the Premier League

The value of the Premier League is higher than Champions League. The television rights for the season from 2016 to 2019 were sold for €6.9 billion. The football viewer market is mainly in Asia, and they are 6, 7, and even 8 hours ahead, so the Premier League is during their primetime, while Champions League is in the middle of the night in Asia.

Boxing Day

4) Tradition of Boxing Day

Every year the Premier League plays on December 26, and until few years ago, they played during Christmas as well! The tradition wants that 26 December is Boxing Day. Historically, landowners gave these 2 days in December as rest days to their workers and offered them boxes with food for the holiday. Every year local matches were organized with double headers during those 2 days, and the tradition has been kept alive.


5) How did Gerrard not win?

Steven Gerrard has never won a Premier League. Many times he was quite close, but he has never lifted the cup. His conviction has been to always choose his heart and his people. In his career he won two FA Cups, one Champions League, one Europa League and 2 UEFA Super Caps.

Premier League logo

After 26 years, they will take off the sponsor from the Premier League logo. From 1992-93 Barclays alternated with Carling. The lion has now been redesigned to look more appealing, adapting to the NBA model who has become a marketing example.

Wembley Stadium

7) Stadium Seating

There are 16 stadiums, 15 owned by the clubs (only 5 other teams play in the Premier League) and Webley, a football temple, where they play the FA Cup Final. In London there are half a million seats to watch a football match on Sunday.

Balotelli assists the win

8) How many assist did Balotelli have in the Premier League?

1… and it was worth the title!
The only assist of his Premier League career was a slide where he stole the title from sir Alex, who was already tasting the victory. In football, as someone said, "the match ends when the referee blows the whistle." Balotelli-Aguero, in the 94' minute to make Manchester explode with joy. British champions of 2012!