The Waiver System Explained

What is this waiver system you talk about?

When new players join the Premier League, they get added to the Draft Fantasy Football game. We want to ensure that all managers have a fair chance of picking up these new players. They can sometimes be very valuable and everyone in the league might be after them. Examples from previous seasons have been players such as Ozil, Di Maria and Falcao.

Other times the waiver system comes into play is at the start of each Premier League fixture. Sometimes a player that nobody in the league owns comes out of nowhere and bags a brace and suddenly every manager in the game wants him. Here too, the waiver system ensures everyone has a fair chance of picking up this player.

Players also go on waivers when they are dropped by managers in the league.

How's it work?

If a player is on waivers nobody in the league can pick him up immediately. If you want a player on the waiver wire, just make a regular trade offer for him. This is a waiver request.

On Tuesdays and Fridays at around 4am GMT, waiver requests are processed. The manager at the top of the waiver queue has his highest priority waiver request processed and his request will be accepted (assuming the player can fit into his squad) and will then drop down to the bottom of the waiver queue. Then the whole process starts again, and we process the top waiver request of whoever is now top of the waiver queue. This process continues till all requests have been processed.

If a waiver request isn't accepted because somebody else already got the player or because the player doesn't fit into your team (i.e. it would cause you to have 4 players from the same club), then you don't lose your position in the waiver queue.

When exactly do players go on waivers?

Players are placed on waivers in the following situations:

  • When added to the game (for at least 48 hours).
  • When dropped by a team in the league (for at least 24 hours).
  • When his club plays a match (for at least 24 hours).

If there's less than 48 hours between the time that a player is added to the game and the time that waivers are to processed, then his status will be blocked till waivers are processed. No one can pick up a player while he's blocked. After being blocked, he'll go to on waivers. If no one picks up a player on waivers they become free agents.


As an example, if Pedro is added to the game on a Thursday evening, he'll go be blocked till Friday morning. Then he'll be on waivers from Friday till Tuesday at which point the highest person in your league's waiver queue that made a request for him will pick him up. If no one made a request for him, he'll become a free agent at which point anyone in the league can pick him up for free and it won't affect their position in the waiver queue.

How is the initial waiver order decided?

It's the reverse of the draft order.

Is the waiver queue ever reset?

This depends on your league's settings. Some leagues never have their waiver queues reset. Others have their waiver queues reset weekly to the reverse order of the standings. This means that if you're top of your league, you'll be bottom of the waiver queue. The reset happens at the start of every gameweek, so even the manager that's top of the league could be top of the waiver queue by Friday if everyone else in the league has made a successful waiver request that week.

How do I know if a player is on waivers?

If you go to the transfers page, the player's status will be "Waivers" if he's on waivers. The other player statuses are "Free", "Blocked", "Owned" and "Squad".

You can read more about the waiver system rules on the How to Play page.