Fantasy Focus: Premier League Managers and their Formations

By Sharon Zarfati and translated by Daniele Olmeda
premier league managers

The Premier League is starting, and everyone is expecting great things after what transpired last year.

The most exciting championship in the world came with a fairytale ending for Leicester... Just like in fantasy, every year has a different story, and every purchase can change the fate of a team. Every manager can improve a team that looked worthless, and every formation will be tested to see if it's worth 3 points each week...

Let’s observe the formations of the 9 most interesting managers of the Premier League 2016-2017.



​Guardiola trusts the 4-1-4-1. If Aguero, the top scorer from last year, would repeat himself, he would be one of the few forwards that could compete with Ronaldo and Messi for more than one season. DeBruyne and Navas on the wings are ready to push, and Schneiderlin up front for their defence will play as a director and an extra defender. The fans deserve to see a great team, which is why the club didn't save a penny in the transfer market.



​Jose Mourinho moved cities, going back to the UK. This time he has Ibra and the young Rashford with him. The Special One is going to trust in the 4-2-3-1, the same formation of Inter's Triplete and Chelsea's disappointments. United is looking great for this Premiership, and they could win the IFA cup as well.



This season Chelsea starts without being in the Champions for the first year since Abramovich bought them. This year they have a lot to achieve: time to keep their heads down and ride. They need a lot of motivation to get back on track as soon as they can. So far Conte has depended on the 3-5-2, but this year, he wants to start with a 4-2-4, making the team as attacking as possible.



​Klopp comes from the Special One’s school, and he does not vary from such a winning mentor: 4-3-2-1. The striker is Benteke, and Countinho and Firmino will run more than the others. Is the “Christmas tree” that gave a lot of satisfactions to many teams the key for this Liverpool squad?


WEST HAM – Bilic

​Bilic plays with the 3-5-2, but it might be dangerous in a game full of forwards like ours. The key is having the two wings also play defence, this way 5 players will help the goalkeeper.


SWANSEA – Guidolin

When he arrived on the bench last year, nobody knew who he was and his players admitted that they Googled him. The Italian coach from Udinese, didn't surprise anyone last year. Swansea didn't achieve anything significant, but it's also true that it's not easy to take over once the season has already started. Maybe with the 4-1-4-1 for this year, the manager that launched Sanchez's and Benatia's careers might become the next Ranieri.


ARSENAL – Wenger

​They are changing root compared to last year, from a 4-2-3-1 to a 4-3-1-2. Ozil will play behind the strikers and help Sanchez and Welbeck, two forwards that might change the fate of this Premier League. Arsenal is ready for the field and maybe for a title as well…


TOTTENHAM – Pochettino

​Since last year this coach was obsessed with defence, maybe because of his Italian origins or his game vision. Last year they gained a well-deserved third place, by fighting until the end for the title. With Verthongen worth £4 million more than last year, is this going to be the right year for the Spurs?



The team that made millions of fans around the world dream is called to defend their labour of last year. The favorite formation by Sir Ranieri is the one from last year, a 4-4-2 with solid defence, a firm midfield and two quick forwards. Vardy has decided to stay with Foxes maintaining his role as their favorite. We hope last season's accomplishment will be repeated in the coming seasons, but in the meantime Dilly Ding Dilly Dong: “We are in Champions League!”