How to Become the Premier of Fantasy Football

It's never easy to be the best at anything, but consistently being the best at Premier League fantasy football is basically impossible. Every league calls the champion of their league something, but how about winning 3 or even 4 times in a row? This deserves a special title. Let's call it the Premier.

Some may hate the name choice, but it goes well with the Premier League. It also sounds quite nice, but regardless of what you call it, it should have a name and then there needs to be an outline of how one can achieve the greatness that is the Premier of Fantasy Football. So now that we've established the idea and the name for such a great feat, let's move on to the important stuff; winning the league year after year. Here goes 5 things to focus on when playing Premier League Fantasy Football.

Knowing the Competition
Like any good game or match, in fantasy football you MUST know the competition. Who they will pick, who they will trade, favorite Premier League squad and players, amount of time they spend researching and setting up lineups. If you're smart you will watch games with your mates and make sure they know that you know them to instill a bit of fantasy fear in them. This is critical to ensuring you're even in the running to become the Premier.

Information and Important Stats Junky
It's not enough to just watch a game here or there. Let's be real who has time to go that in depth and know every stat? Here's a little secret, it's not about knowing it all, but about knowing the important things. The main things that are very critical are injuries, managers' thoughts, and a keen sense for the next big footballer and system. Premier League fantasy football is a game of risk and some luck, but don't get it twisted you can make big dents with small moves. Stay posted to your league's waivers and don't just watch managers, think like you are responsible for managing your footballers on their given squads.

The Grind
38 weeks. You don't win one week and then become the champion. To become the Premier takes a distinct ability to stay steady on the proper course. Of course there will be mistakes because even the Premier is far from perfect, but recovery and the ability to grind out crucial points every gameweek of the Premier League sets apart the benchwarmers from the superstars. You can't just play fantasy football you must be consistent and rise above over time. Remember that becoming the Premier of fantasy football is a war so don't get distracted by one or two battles.

Trading Master
You may have picked a great fantasy football team, but there is always value to trading. Be very weary and think about every word you utter when negotiating trades. Find the man you want and when you go get him make sure the timing is right and that you are giving up only what you must. Also, be sure that the trade benefits you in someway that you can't fix otherwise. Trades should be used to help you with a certain line that has been hurting you, but don't sacrifice another line in the process.

Stay Humble
You may be looking good or doing terrible, but very often the cocky fall. Do not fall for the trap of being content or being distraught. Once you win the league then you can brag and shove it in your mates' faces, but until then try to stay a bit under the radar and build a nice lead without drawing too much attention. Do this for a few Premier League seasons and you could be on the way to becoming the Premier.

Name it whatever you want but the point is to become the champion multiple times!