PORTUGAL is in the Final, But Who Will They Play?

Article written by Sharon Zarfati and translated by Daniele Olmeda

Ronaldo – Bale

Cristiano Ronaldo had to comfort his teammate yesterday, in the same way he had to comfort Modric two weeks ago. Gareth Bale was approached by the Golden Ball for a fraternal hug before the game kicked off. After the game and in front of the press, Ronaldo congratulated Wales, "They had an amazing run. They were the shining star here, the revelation team," and he added “Gareth is a great player.”

At the end of the first half everything was still on the line because it was tied. A score of 0-0 ensured a strong start, but Portugal did not make us wait long. They scored two goals in 5 minutes. Wales did not respond leading to Portugal winning its first game in 90 minutes. This was enough to get them into the 2016 European Championship final.

Who will play Portugal at the French stadium Saint Denis Sunday evening?

The other semifinal tonight seems more like a final: on the one hand Germany is the best team in the tournament, and on the other hand, France is playing at home. If France reaches the final, they will not be able to make a bad move in front of their fans. They would play against Portugal, which would make their win far luckier than deserving.
Lowe, however, has proven he knows his squad and how to play them. They are the current world champions, and they have been showing it. The French are playing their first tough game this tournament so the odds and history are not in their favor. France has not beaten Germany in an official game since 1958; but football is unpredictable as we saw when Germany beat Italy last week after not beating them since 1962.

Portugal would still rather play Germany though because defeating the home team is too much for the Portuguese. The game will probably finish in penalties, which will put Germany in a better position to become the European Champions.