Stay in Touch: Fantasy Football for the Premier League

One of the best traditions you can be a part of is setting up a league for fantasy football for the Premier League. For 38 weeks of each year you and your friends get to compete and exchange childish banter. Premier League fantasy football doesn't just become a way you speak with friends, it becomes the main reason. Here is a top five list of why fantasy football for the Premier League has this effect:

Everyone loves to win, but sometimes your team loses, especially if you support teams up for relegation or this year Arsenal... With Premier League fantasy football this no longer is the case and you always have a chance to win. Better than always having a chance to win, you get to beat your friends. There's almost better feeling than sending your mate this message ":)" and not needing to explain why.

Everyone loves making fun of a loser, especially when it's your friend. And everyone hates losing, which makes it all the more fun to make fun of the loser (unless you're the loser of course). This encourages you and your friends to compete and join together in the ultimate goal of poking fun at the fantasy football loser.

Sometimes difficult decisions and choices, create the most interesting conversations. Each week in Premier League fantasy football, these conversations turn into the greatest conversations for back and forth banter. Who to start? Who to trade? Who will score? Who will get a clean sheet? These questions are no longer just topics of conversation, they actually affect your life and the lives of your mates.

There is no love like bromance, and there's no better way of building a strong and loving relationship with your bros than having a fantasy football league. This league is not just about winning or losing, it is about who you watch each match with. No matter what comes up in your life, you know that once the match comes on the only thing that matters is beer and watching your Premier League fantasy football team with your mates!

Unbreakable Bond:
Whether it's money, a trophy, or a stupid tradition of shaving the loser's legs or head, fantasy football for the Premier League builds an unbreakable bond. Even if you only play for one season, you will always remember what that season was and the league you played with will always be connected in the annals of Premier League fantasy football history.

It's pretty simple fantasy football for the Premier League is probably the most exciting ways to stay in touch with friends from childhood even when you end up moving all over the place.