Euros Final: Prediction and Stats

Written by Sharon Zarfati and translated by Daniele Olmeda

Sometimes people think that finals are games of their own so they don’t believe any expectations or think predictions are ever right. Football has always been a game and not a science.
Portugal has never won an important match against France. Moreover, France is playing at home and have won the last 13 games. What is curious is the fact that Portugal has also been undefeated for the same amount of games.
France has the best forwards in the tournament; they scored 13 goals with 11 of them after the 41st minute.
Mathematically, this prediction is easy. It will end in a 2-0 victory for France by the 90th minute. If Portugal happens to be able to resist and make it to penalties, they may be able to pull off the huge upset.
France clearly has better squad. 4 out of the 11 starters play on big teams in the Premier League: Sagna, Sissolo, Giroud and Payet. They are all incredible players that would love to celebrate in front of their fans. France was the heavy favorite in the group stage and in the quarter-finals when they played Island, but in the semi-finals on Thursday night, they defeated one of the toughest teams in the world.
Portugal relies on the skills of Cristiano Ronaldo. So far, he has played with ups and downs and even missed a penalty, but he brought his team to the finals and everyone expects the best from a champion like him. France does not have single players as good as CR7, but they play great football with Giroud, Payet, Pogba and especially Griezmann.
Griezmann right now, has nothing to envy of the champions because he is radiating with 6 goals and 2 assists and is ready to win the title as top scorer as the third Frenchman in history to do so. All of these stats mean almost nothing compared to winning a final, and no prediction can be trusted. The final is serious business: 100 meters, 90 minutes, 22 players, 2 teams but ONLY one winner.