EURO 2016 Semi-finals

By definition predictions are complex due to the different variables they rely on. We will do a brief analysis on the most relevant aspects of the Euro 2016 semi-finals.

This semi-final is definitely more exciting. Knowing that at least one of these two team has never won a European championship makes this game much more engaging. The game is sure to end with three goals and a winner after 90 minutes.

Gareth Bale faces his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

Some bookmakers take for granted a victory for Portugal, but Portugal almost got booted by Hungary. Portugal also got passed the first round and the quarterfinals with the penalties. They might run out of luck, and Galles has a chance to enter the history books by beating Portugal and entering his first final. Bale is doing great, but we'll see if Ronaldo and Quaresma can get a win without having to rely on the luck that has brought them this far.

Both teams are coming off a hard qualifier. There is no absolute favorite so this semi-final will probably also end with penalties, which usually awards the luckiest and not the strongest team.

Some think it will be a game full of goals, but the stakes are too high, and Germany has too many penalties. This will force Lowe to change formations. It will be hard for both teams to score, which is why it is almost certain Ozil plays instead of Hector.

On the other hand France is facing the world champion, which is their first real opponent this tournament. Dechamps is still a question at midfield, and Pogba might not be a starter to give space on the wing to Evra. France is playing at home so mistakes are not allowed.